Let’s get culturalized! 

Thank you for visiting the Folk Fusion Organization’s website!  We are a community outreach organization that is concerned with cultural heritage and the preservation of endangered cultures.

Through our Global Ambassadorship Program, Folk Fusion connects individuals from different walks of life to work together to make their communities brighter.

We help in the planning and hosting of cultural events in local communities, such as festivals, fundraisers, parades and other folklife events.  Music, art, artisan foods, dance, and traditional or modern dress are all important factors in expression of ones culture.  Whether we’re cooking, dancing, or showcasing a gallery of unique art, let’s have some fun planning an event together and show the amazing contributions our different cultures make to our communities!

If you are a community leader seeking to host a cultural event in your community, we are here to help.  Through community organizing, our global ambassadors specialize in educating the public on cultural differences and will help bring your community together by bridging individuals of different backgrounds together.

If you would like more information on how your community can benefit from our organization, please fill out our quick form below and one of our global ambassadors will contact you.