Dan Brown

Dan Brown is an award-winning British gold medalist in the Swedish Championships in Artisan Food with a professional education in artisan baking. Having worked as a baker in various bakeries in Sweden, he now turns his knowledge and experience to crafting quality, well-researched writings on food-related topics. Dan has a First Class Bachelors degree and Masters Degree in Social Anthropology (UK), and has extensive anthropological research on UK allotment communities as well as experience in managing a smallholding in Greece. Dan is a Contributor for the Folk Fusion Organization crafting articles on his life's work and travels.

The Treasure of Ardre – Heritage grains and seed sovereignty in Sweden

It became known as “the Treasure of Ardre”. The year was 1965, and a group from the Swedish agricultural society were out hiking on the island of Gotland, off the Swedish coast. They had reached Kaupungs Gård, the farm of Ragnar Pettersson, a recently deceased and by-all-accounts somewhat eccentric local farmer who had resisted the …